The Daily Test Car: Lexus RC Goes On A Coffee Run

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lexus_rc350_coffee_run-4Actually it was a coffee filter┬árun. A good excuse to turn the wheels on this week’s test car, a Molten Pearl Lexus RC 350.

Because Daddy needs his coffee.

lexus_rc350_coffee_runDrove past the poor VW Eos that got hit-and-runned the other day.

lexus_rc350_coffee_run-8Nice that someone left the offender’s bumper chunk for evidence.

lexus_rc350_coffee_run-10Also apparently a fog light.

lexus_rc350_coffee_run-9Mollie Stone’s had what I needed. I usually gird myself for sticker shock at that store, but these were only $1,39.

lexus_rc350_coffee_run-6And I took a second to check out the RC. Molten Pearl is a heckuva color, eh?

lexus_rc350_coffee_run-3Some delicate detailing around the rear window.

lexus_rc350_coffee_run-7The fins and vanes give your eye a lot of places to go.

lexus_rc350_coffee_run-5Ahh, that’s better.

lexus_rc350_coffee_run-2Definitely looking forward to putting more miles on this RC. In the meantime, please tell me in the comments what you think of the color.



  1. KC

    Quite eyecatching! Orange being one of my personal favorites, (remember my living room walls?) I would like to see the Lexus in various settings. One certainly not miss it, on a foggy day! Can’t wait to read more reviews!

  2. Kernan

    Isn’t it basically the Toyota/Subaru coral color, only metallic? Hard to tell from photos. Nice looking, if a bit busy.

  3. Bryan

    Molten Pearl……searching through my BIG Crayola box, the closest match I could find was Urnge. But it’s purdy, whatever it is called,

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