Street Shooting: Traffic Panning, Volume 1

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Welcome to my recurring series of traffic panning shots.

panning_cars_traffic_150609-11I shot these in San Francisco, on Market Street in San Francisco’s Castro District.

panning_cars_traffic_150609-9It was a beautiful sunny day, a welcome relief from the chilly and foggy month that preceded it.

panning_cars_traffic_150609-7I was feeling bold enough that day to push the shutter speed slower than I have in a while.

panning_cars_traffic_150609-5REALLY slow. Some neat abstracts resulted.

panning_cars_traffic_150609I brought it back up a bit to grab this armored truck’s company logo…

panning_cars_traffic_150609-6…but brought it back down for this one. Old Camrys usually need some extra spice.

panning_cars_traffic_150609-2Tell me your impression in the comments. See ya next time!



  1. Ubuntu VPS

    4K establishing shot footage of city street night traffic pedestrian time lapse with slow shutter to get the blurred motion effect. This was shot on the streets of Sydney Australia.

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